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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Tony Tony Tony

One of the most visited weblogs on the planet is the "busblog" run by a guy named Tony Pierce down in Los Angeles. (At least, that's what the blog says his name and home are, but it also warns that nothing therein is true.) I bookmarked this site way back last summer when I first started writing here, but I predicted at that time I wouldn't be visiting it regularly for long. It turns out I was wrong about that; there's something about the busblog that's addictive.

Anyway, yesterday was Tony's birthday and he put up, among other things, photos that purport to be him. If you haven't been over there, take a look. And if (like me) you've wondered what the guy looks like, this is a good time to visit. (But be forewarned: like a good street entertainer, he asks, quite effectively, for "flowage," a.k.a. money.)

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