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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Credit where due

I'm what former Vice President (and felon) Spiro Agnew used to call a "nattering nabob of negativism" when it comes to local government around Portland way. Especially the Mayor and the Port of Portland -- they're two of my Top 10 Nitwits of 2001!

But hey, they appear to have scored a big victory by luring Lufthansa Airlines to run a nonstop flight from Portland to Deutschland starting in the spring. That is a very good thing for our town, and let's all hope it works out better than Delta Air Lines' recent fling at running Japanese flights through here. So Portland International Airport will once again truly live up to its name -- 'cause when you live in the Northwest, no offense, but Canada just ain't international enough.

So to the Mayor and the Port of Portland: Don't say I said you never do anything right. From time to time, you do.

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