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Tuesday, September 24, 2002


My Sept.11 anniversary lament/rant included this passage:

Some people are outraged that we are rounding up foreign Muslims for crimes like falsifying Social Security records and carrying traces of TNT in their suitcases onto our commercial aircraft. But you know what? I'm not. Cancel my ACLU membership. (Actually, it lapsed a while back.)
Now it turns out that the supposed traces of TNT found on the one gentleman's bags weren't really there after all. Nor was there cocaine. So it looks like we're now down to some older Social Security violations for this fellow -- serious concerns, perhaps, since fake Social Security numbers were apparently part of the Al Qaeda modus operandi. But it's not enough to keep him locked up without bail.

I'm still not joining the ACLU. But I'm definitely starting to get the feeling that indeed, we are just trumping things up with this one. Surely things are not as clear-cut as they seemed previously.

Guess we'd better keep that Bill of Rights, after all.

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