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Thursday, September 12, 2002

Reverend Bruce

They ought to be playing Bruce Springsteen's new album, The Rising, on religious radio (among other places). At least a dozen of the 15 songs on the album make reference to God, the devil, and/or resurrection, and there are quite a few outright prayers.

Just reading the lyrics of the songs on their face, one comes up with a list like this one:

Lonesome Day: "This too shall pass, I'm gonna pray... Let kingdom come"

Into the Fire: "May your faith give us faith/May your hope give us hope/May your love bring us love"

Waitin' on a Sunny Day: No apparent reference.

Nothing Man: "It's just me, Lord/I pray that I'm able"

Countin' on a Miracle: "I'm countin' on a miracle/To come through... In God's hands our fate is complete/Your heaven's here in my heart"

Empty Sky: "I want an eye for an eye... On the plains of Jordan/I cut my bow from the wood/Of this tree of evil/Of this tree of good"

Worlds Apart: "'Neath Allah's blessed rain, we remain worlds apart"

Let's Be Friends: No apparent reference.

Further On (Up the Road): "One sunny mornin' we'll rise I know"

The Fuse: "Devil's on the horizon line"

Mary's Place: "Your favorite record's on the turntable/I drop the needle and pray"

You're Missing: "God's drifting in heaven/Devil's in the mailbox"

The Rising: Numerous references.

Paradise: No overt reference, although entire song reflects on what "paradise" is.

My City of Ruins: Lengthy final verse is an express prayer.

Is this what gives this record such great appeal to me? That would be kind of surprising. But like my rock hero, Bruce, I'm getting to be an old guy, so I guess this comes with the turf.

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