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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Doom, gloom, and always the anger

What have we done in the past year to insure that more terrorists won't commit more murders on American soil? Not enough, I think. Air travel is safer than ever, but life on the ground surely is not.

The kook who mailed the anthrax from Trenton appears to have been ahead of his time. But how long before the U.S. starts suffering suicide bombings on public transit and in public squares?

Some people are outraged that we are rounding up foreign Muslims for crimes like falsifying Social Security records and carrying traces of TNT in their suitcases onto our commercial aircraft. But you know what? I'm not. Cancel my ACLU membership. (Actually, it lapsed a while back.)

I'm sorry, but I'm also done with the puppet potentates of the Middle East -- particularly the Saudis, but they're not the only ones -- who smile in our faces while stabbing us in the back. The sooner we start shunning states like theirs, the better. Of course, as long as Big Oil rules our country, we will continue to sleep with these fellows and wake up smelling like them.

Ah, me. The ugly feelings that I continue to feel a year later are perhaps the real tragedy of 9/11.

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