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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Bad Idea of the Week

"Trusted traveler" cards that will allow certain preferred passengers to skip by parts of airport security. The proposal being floated is to allow some travelers to avoid security by subjecting themselves to voluntary background checks, particularly if they are frequent air passengers.

Oh, really? And exactly who will decide which travelers are worthy of a free pass past security? The folks who have done such a fantastic job at the FAA? The INS? The FBI? The CIA? The airlines? If the experiences of the last year-and-change have proved anything, it's that you can't trust federal agencies to make sensitive judgments to insure our safety. Honestly! How long would it be before a "trusted traveler" card fell into the wrong hands? How long before a "trusted traveler" went over the fence and decided to become a terrorist?

The pressure for this organized breach of security is reportedly coming from the corporate road warriors who travel the most. (No sane person would doubt that the airlines are goading them on.) These are the same weasels who took out all those full-page ads to shed their corporate tears about 9-11 and pledge eternal loyalty to the red, white, and blue.

Corporate America, if you love this country so much, then subject yourself to the same airport security as everyone else. Take off your shoes, empty your pockets, extend your arms, and do it with a respectful, quiet smile like the rest of us.

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