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Monday, July 29, 2002

It doesn't hold water

Why in heaven's name is the Portland City Council trying to get rid of the Bull Run Watershed? Here is the city's most precious resource, one that is the envy of the nation, and for some reason our city leaders seem hellbent on giving it away. They're pushing some sort of regional water authority (another Tri-Met or Metro), to be run by people from places like Tigard and Hillsboro. No longer would Bull Run be managed from Portland City Hall, with Portland water needs coming first and other regional users paying a fee to the city for water. Instead, decisions would be made with the sprawling suburbs having a greater say -- possibly even control.

Next thing you know, the people of Portland will be joining their neighbors in bedroom communities like Wilsonville and Tualatin, drinking Willamette River water and paying top dollar for it.

Other than getting the system out of the incompetent hands that currently run the water bureau, what is in this for people of the City of Portland?

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