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Monday, July 22, 2002

Deliver us from evil

A high school girl disappeared last evening from Tryon Creek State Park in Portland, where she went for her regular jog. The police have been looking for her for more than 24 hours now, and so far have nothing to show for their efforts.

I work right on the border of that park, and I was up at the office late yesterday around the time the girl disappeared. It's always a little spooky up there at nights and on weekends; I know because I've done all-nighters when circumstances have warranted, and I always function well when the building is largely empty. It's always seemed like just a matter of time before something bad happened to a young woman in that park. It's a place of extraordinary natural beauty, but it's in a growing metropolitan region that has lost its innocence.

I pray that there's a harmless reason for this person's disappearance, and that her safe return will be the happy beginning of a new wariness around the park. If you're up to it, do me a favor, take a few seconds and do the same. (I'm not exactly on the "A" list up there.)

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