August 13, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

Did you see me at the hemp fashion show we put on outside City Hall? That was so cool. Sustainable Dockers, people -- it's our future!

I needed a break after that day. I had met Homer over at Higgins for lunch, and he was all upset about how his new park looks down in SoWa. Very animated -- that lttle vein on his forehead was throbbing, and he was ranting about how Sharon Kitzhaber wouldn't even take her poodle down to take a cr*p on that pathetic grass we planted. I told him we're strapped for cash right now, but he kept saying that wasn't the deal he made with Mommy before she got sick. He keeps threatening to show those photos he has.

Then he started in on the affordable housing stuff. How he doesn't want a bunch of welfare mothers hanging around the neighborhood, and we had damn well better not be spending his landscaping money building them apartments. I told him they could all be cleaning ladies for the condos, but he wasn't buying it.

I'm really tired of dealing with these guys, but once you sign up with them, there's no getting out.

Hey, enough about that. I've got a great photo opportunity coming up tomorrow. There's a guy up in NoPo who's fixing his broken sidewalk using expired Gardenburgers. You know I'm going to get a piece of that one.

Posted by Sam at August 13, 2006 03:41 AM
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